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Why Choose Us

Why choose Motor Market?

Your own personal Motor Market consultant does all the legwork for you during the purchase process. No pushy salespeople, no haggling, no hassles. We want you to drive away 100% satisfied.

Our team of consultants have extensive motor industry experience. We are committed to providing a first-class buying experience for every member and pride ourselves on the trust that we have built since 1988.

Because of our large membership numbers and massive buying power, we’re able to negotiate significantly better prices than the average car buyer could ever hope to achieve on their own.

We don’t just stop at getting you a great deal on your new car. We’re committed to helping you in whatever way possible with your new purchase. We can help you get the best price possible on your trade-in or help you to secure finance or salary packaging.

Here’s how we’ve helped our members

Take a look at our client testimonials or see how much some members saved.

Model Union Member Savings*
Mazda CX 5 2015 Maxx Sport 2WD Petrol NSWNMA $3,000
Mazda 3 SP25 2015 CFMEUA $2,300
Mazda 3 Maxx 2015 AEUVI $2,000
Holden Colorado 2015 LTZ 4X4 2.8 T/D TOGETHER - Q $6,900
Mazda 6 2015 GT QTU $5,500
Mazda 3 SP25 2015 FSUQ $5,000
Kia Carnival 2015 SLi MY16 Diesel QTU $5,000
Hyundai Santa FE 2015 Elite Diesel AMQU $5,000
Ford Ranger 2015 XLT 3.0 T/D AMWU $5,000
Hyundai Santa FE 2015 CRDi Diesel Highlander QTU $5,000
Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2015 GXL 2.8 T/D QNU $3,000
Model Member Savings*
Mazda CX 5 2015 Maxx Sport 2WD Petrol $3,000
Mazda 3 SP25 2015 $2,3000
Mazda 3 Maxx 2015 $2,000
Holden Colorado 2015 LTZ 4X4 2.8 T/D $6,900
Mazda 6 2015 GT $5,500

*Savings made are real but cannot be guaranteed to be provided in future. Each deal is carefully negotiated in order to achieve the maximum savings for the member. If we cannot negotiate a saving we’re more than willing to try different makes or models at your request.

See how our members have saved!